CASE STUDY: 360 Narratives

The 360 Narratives residency offers writers and narrative creators the opportunity to work together to create characters and worlds which can be exploited across a range of different media, in physical and/or virtual forms – a book and a film, a game and a graphic novel, a children’s picture book and a play…

After an open residential weekend attended by 50 self selected participants, small teams developed new project ideas and applied for the week-long residency. Six teams worked up their projects, supported by a range of tutors and a series of sessions on narrative development, rights exploitation, publishing and distribution, business plans, marketing and pitching.

Claire Dow, 360 Narratives project lead at the Playwrights Studio: “It is so special to see strangers share their working methods and ideology; and to see some adopt new ways of looking at their work, and how they create it. It is exciting to give permission to people to try new things, and to break out of their pigeonholes. 360 Narratives is a safe place to have a go and experiment across forms. We have playwrights writing graphic novels, screenwriters building websites, artists trying apps, novelists working on radio dramas. The possibilities are so exciting and we facilitate it all, setting up meetings with the experts and having the freedom to be able to say yes mostly, which is just a lovely position to be in.”

Delivery partner: www.playwrightsstudio.co.uk