CASE STUDY: Photography at the British School at Rome

Angela Catlin was awarded a three-month fellowship in documentary photography at the British School at Rome (BSR) from January – March 2012. The BSR is an ideal delivery partner with its mission ‘to promote knowledge of and deep engagement with all aspects of the art, history and culture of Italy by scholars and fine artists from Britain and the Commonwealth, and to foster international and interdisciplinary exchange’. This is at the core of Creative Futures: BSR (unlike, for example, the better funded French and German Academies in Rome) is a community, a learning community, which frequently brings the residents together to collaborate and learn from each other. And of course a city of such wonderful and terrible extremes offers infinite exploration routes for artists.

Angela Catlin: “The support of Creative Futures gave me the opportunity to take time out from the work I was doing and provided me with the chance to broaden, deepen and refresh my craft. For the past 25 years I have been firstly a press photographer and subsequently a freelance, focussing on humanitarian and social issues. It may be too soon to say exactly what the legacy of this experience is but already I feel a sea change in my life; a desire to push in different directions and experiment in a way that I wouldn’t have considered before.

“I plan to show my Rome photographs in an exhibition, hopefully, with view to publication. Some of my pictures were shown at the 2012 Diamond Jubilee event at the British Embassy in Rome, in conjunction with Corriere della Sera newspaper. I also would like to create a film work using stills and film combined – an embryonic idea but one that I am trying to develop. I see myself becoming more involved in the ‘art world’ as a result of my Roma experience. While not stopping the photojournalism I have been doing for these past years, my horizons are broadened with light flooding in to dormant creative recesses!”

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