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Creative Futures partners
Creative Futures partners are the organisations (and occasionally individuals) that devise and deliver residencies. They come from public, private and voluntary sectors, including cultural organisations, independent companies, higher education institutions and others. All recognise the value of learning and collaboration and are committed to developing creative talent. Creative Futures partners receive support from Creative Scotland to develop and deliver projects.

Creative Futures projects
Creative Futures projects vary widely, from fellowships and residencies, to inter-disciplinary exchange, cross-sectoral collaborations and research: there is no fixed model. Projects develop talent and individuals rather than products: new work is not a required output, although it often does result. More important is the chance to learn from new people, ideas and situations.

Creative Futures people
A huge range of creative individuals have taken part in projects so far, from sculptors to graphic artists, poets to gamers, photographers to librarians. Most will get involved by applying to the project partner.