Dovecot Tapestry Tour

Sep.28 2015

Posted by Dovecot Studios and Australian Tapestry Workshop International Exchange

During Milena’s time in Edinburgh she embarked on a tour of some of Dovecot’s tapestries currently on view in public spaces in Scotland. This included Untitled Tapestry, which was designed by Harold Cohen and woven by Fred Mann, Harry Wright, Douglas Grierson and Maureen Hodge in 1966. This was displayed at City Art Centre as part of the ‘Scottish Art: People, Places, Ideas’ exhibition. She then went to the National Museum of Scotland where the Large Tree Group Tapestry by Victoria Crowe is located. This was woven by Dovecot Master Weavers Naomi Robertson and David Cochrane as part of Dovecot Studios’ centenary celebrations in 2012. Finally, Milena travelled to Glasgow’s Theatre Royal to see Butterfly commissioned by Scottish Opera, the result of a collaboration between Dovecot Tapestry Studio and artist Alison Watt. This process began in January 2013 with the tapestry cut from the loom in May 2014.