Creative Futures delivery partners are committed to developing the skills, talents and potential of Scotland’s creative practitioners. It’s never easy to know what effects a project may have had on the people involved, in the short term or long term, but here are a few observations made by project participants.


  • Ellen Band-Asaku

    Ellen Banda-Aaku

    I met my objective to write a full first draft of a story for children as I had the time and space to write. My expectations were also met in that I had the opportunity to meet and interact with other artists.

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  • Jack

    Jack Mapanje

    My time on the residency was the best I have had in recent years. In that short time I was able to map out my next book of poems and to give it a special original touch and structure. I loved Cove Park for the staff who were so helpful - I am so grateful to them for introducing me to artists of substance.

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  • Clark (Simon Hollington)

    Polly Clark

    The Creative Futures project was an exciting opportunity for Cove Park and my literature programme in particular because it enabled me to bring to the UK writers from the African Commonwealth in a way not otherwise possible. The focus on this particular region revealed a wealth of writing talent which enriched our residency programme in 2012, and also allowed Cove Park to connect with cultural activities for the Olympics and in the run up to the Commonwealth Games. The writers who came drew enormous benefits, making connections with each other and the other artists at Cove Park and getting a lot of new work completed. We miss them!

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  • distil

    Trad’s Distil project

    It has given me confidence to continue developing, composing and arranging skills and use them in my teaching and performances.

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