Ben Duffin

I work with the GalGael Trust in Govan, Glasgow as a traditional boatbuilder and teacher. As a charity we work with people suffering from addiction, unemployment and other social issues using traditional skills to build a sense of belonging and community.

Since training as a boatbuilder in 2008 in the USA I have worked in trade in both the US and the UK before ending up in Glasgow. Over the last three years I have developed GalGael’s community boatbuilding program as well as our use of traditional boats out on the water. In that time I have worked, rowed and sailed with hundreds of people, launched seven boats and travelled around the UK talking about our work. My primary interest throughout this is in maintaining maritime heritage as a living breathing thing, keeping traditional skills alive and relevant both on and off the water.

I have embarrassingly few interests that are not directly related to what I do; I enjoy playing guitar but often sea shanties; I like to read, but mostly things relating to the sea and boat; and I like to walk but mostly along the coast!