Calum Robertson

Calum Robertson studied clarinet at The RSAMD in Glasgow with John Cushing (principal RSNO), having previously studied with Lewis Morrison in Edinburgh (former principal SCO). He freelances with The RSNO and orchestra of Scottish Opera. He has played with The Young Musicians Symphony Orchestra based in London and principal with The Edinburgh Youth Orchestra and National Youth Orchestra of Scotland. In July 2011 he took part in the prestigious London Symphony Orchestra Woodwind Academy. He has won numerous prizes at the RSAMD including The Classical Concerto Competition and The Governors Woodwind Recital prize adjudicated by Janet Hilton. In 2008 he won The Concerto Prize at The Edinburgh Competition Festival. In January 2010 he performed Nielsen’s clarinet concerto with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra as part of a joint scheme with the RSAMD.He currently plays with The Acentejo clarinet quartet and Glasgow-based Stevensons Ensemble.

As a member of David Patrick’s International Jazz Octet, Calum participated in a short residency at Lyth at the end of May 2014.