Jamie Chambers


Jamie Chambers


I am a filmmaker, musician and teacher living and working in Edinburgh. I am currently working towards a PhD in Film practice, and working as a film tutor on the Understanding Cinema program. I am also the artistic director of the Transgressive North, a multimedia arts community based in Scotland.

As a filmmaker my recent output has all been under the banner of the Transgressive North’s Strange Home project which aims to make a long-term engagement with community folklore in Scotland. As part of the Strange Home project, I recently directed a short documentary, When the Song Dies, (which won the Jury Prize for Best Documentary at the 2013 Busan Film Festival), and a feature length drama, Blackbird, which was nominated for a Scottish BAFTA, and the Michael Powell Award for Best British Feature at the 2013 Edinburgh Film Festival.

I was the artistic director of the Transgressive North’s recently completed Everything is New project, an international arts benefit in aid of Dalit ‘untouchable’ children in southeast India. As part of Everything is New, I recruited contributions from Irvine Welsh, Jarvis Cocker, doseone, Four Tet, Rustie, Gang Gang Dance, and many more, whilst co-ordinating the work of over 1000 volunteers, across three continents, over six years, to create an enormous and ambitious arts benefit project.

I am especially interested in outreach work, and opening up opportunities to participate in the arts where they are hard to find. Aside from my work on the Everything is New project, I have also been involved in a series of outreach projects for special needs schools in Edinburgh, and in the composition of ‘Move It’, an innovative music and movement collaboration with musical therapists, physiotherapists and speech therapists, which has since been adopted by special needs schools across Scotland.

I am also the bandleader and composer for Scottish alt-pop 3-piece Marram, and our debut album (featuring Jarvis Cocker, Irvine Welsh, doseone, Owen Pallett, White Hinterland and Margaret Bennett) was released on 20th January 2014.