Kate Burton


Kate Burton is a filmmaker based in Scotland. She studied at Glasgow School of Art and Massachusetts College of Art & Design.

Burton gained her first commission in 2007 to make ‘The Ice Plant’ a short drama produced by ‘DigiCult’ and funded by Scottish Screen and the UK film Council. It screened internationally including Edinburgh International Film Festival, Clemont Ferrand, Mill Valley and Seattle International Film Festival. ‘The Ice Plant’ is now available to stream on ‘Indieflx’.

‘Ever Here I Be’ (2010) was Burton’s second short drama made through the production company ‘DigiCult’. It screened at Nashville International Film Festival, Palm Springs Short Fest, Edinburgh International Film Festival, London Short Film Festival, Portabello Film Festival London, Inverness Film Festival Scotland. ‘Ever Here I Be’ was also nominated for the Underwire ‘Best Female Character’ award 2012.

Burton’s documentaries include ‘A Land Between Tick and Tock’ (2012), Master of Fine Art (2013), Master of Letters (2013), Placement Project (2013), ‘The Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra and George Lewis’ (2008), ‘Waste Not Want Not’(2009).

Burton’s recent experimental films include ‘Wild Lines’ (2012) which she won runner up best creative prize through WE ARE NORTHERN LIGHTS for ‘Wild Lines’. Burton also recently collaborated with composer Nick fells on ‘Sonemics’ (2013) a commission which screened at the Tramway.

Burton has taught filmmaking to children and young people for over 6 years and is currently working with groups in schools throughout Glasgow as an ‘Understanding Cinema’ tutor for the Centre for Moving Image. The project is based on Cinematheque Francaise’s Le Cinema 100 and de jeunesse. This year the theme is the Long Take. 

‘The program is an inspiring and ambitious cinematic project, the pupils are already producing some incredible footage. The focus of the program allows the participants to develop a strong understanding of cinema history, build their technical filmmaking skills and work towards structuring their own short film. After two months teaching the program and watching some incredible films with reference to the long take I feel very inspired to incorporate this theme into my own next short film.’ 

Kate Burton