Kit Mead


Kit Mead’s practice responds to the dynamics of uncertainty and transition that exist from sudden alterations in the representation of environments or objects, caused by unexpected interventions and the impact of digital technology on temporal experience. Employing media that intrinsically contains time as part of its physical composition, Kit produces experiential site-specific installations and video based work that produce narratives which compress information together. Simple interventions are set up, or the historical remains of locations that were re-shaped by interference are presented, generating associative dialogues between the monumental and ephemerality to reveal and attempt to understand the effects of change.

Kit undertook a residency at Sura Medura in 2013, during which he produced the film ‘The Other Kwai’, which explores the blurring of fact and fiction through the history of the Sri Lankan film set for ‘Bridge on the River Kwai’, 1957.