Marit and Rona

Marit Fält and Rona Wilkie fell into playing together when they were studying in Newcastle. While the musical relationship between Scandinavia and the Northern Isles of Scotland has been investigated before, there were fewer creative unions between those countries and the Highlands. And it’s that which fused Marit and Rona’s collaboration. In 2012 they won the coveted Danny Kyle Award at Glasgow’s Celtic Connections Festival and Rona was named BBC Scotland Young Traditional Musician of the Year.

Their debut album, Turas, melds tunes and songs from their separate geographical backgrounds, exploring the rarely probed similarities between Scandinavian and Scottish Highland tunes and creating a new music that’s uplifting, daring and harmonious. Marit and Rona’s music is playful, borderless and thrilling; it glides from evocative near-classical movements through elegant polskas to buoyant reels, brought to life by Rona’s multi-personality fiddle virtuosity and Marit’s breath-ta king mastery of the versatile låtmandola.

Visiting Lyth for the first time this summer, Marit and Rona were participants in a collaborative residency with Kosmos Ensemble from August 25th – 31st.