Yasmin Al Hadithi


Yasmin Al-Hadithi is an Edinburgh-based documentary filmmaker and visual anthropologist. Her formal training was in observational cinema (with a Masters Degree from the Granada Centre in Manchester), but she enjoys exploring the many and varied ways of audio-visual media as tools for ethnographic investigation – as well as for formal (re)presentation in the shape of documentary films, photographic artworks and installations. She is a founding member of the international Artists’ Research Collective, Castles Built in Sand, and has most recently participated in collaborative projects (including acting as mentor for an intensive youth filmmaking course) with Salish communities in Washington State, USA.

Yasmin currently has two feature-docs in development, Umiak Journeys and Dreams of the Euphrates – both addressing issues of identity, memory and coping mechanisms following conflict, the former among Inuit in the Pacific North-West of the USA and the latter with Iraqi refugees in the UK . She also works as Film Coordinator for Reel Arts  organising live events in collaboration with filmmakers and artists who live and work in areas in conflict to celebrate diversity, build solidarity and create dialogue with audiences internationally.