48 Hour Artists Splash

Sarah Boris, a french graphic artist based in London, invited artists and designers from Scotland, Europe, Canada and Chili to take part in a 48 hour screen printing challenge which took place at the DCA, Dundee Contemporary Arts. The aim of the project was to bring together people from different countries to address issues key to their heart and see how their creativity and collective making capacities could be developed over a continuous 48 hours (night and day) of brainstorming, experimiting and visualisating ideas with the aim to produce a collective series of posters.


I will be uploading visuals and updating my blog to share some of the experiences of the 48 Hour Splash but first I wanted to share what my project was about.

48 Hour Splash / Starting Point

Attending a talk by Johan Kugelberg (curator of the Hayward Gallery May 68 exhibition and author of Beauty is in the Street) and Philippe Vermès (one of the founders of the Atelier Populaire and photographer of social workers throughout his career) is what motivated me to start the ‘splash’ project and develop further collaborations outside of my current work but inherent to my practise and ethos. Working to tight deadlines and having worked frequently on my own has increasingly made me want to work more collaboratively. In the last years I have set workshops in schools, universities and conferences / events as well as setting a collective of making and commissioning posters to artists and designers around the world and exhibiting these informally outside of the gallery confines. The 48 Hour Splash is a culmination of these experiences, encounters and workshops which I hope will be the beginning of a growing platform of creating and making visuals which seeks to communicate feelings of our times in a creative and experimental manner.

48 Hour Splash / Project Outline

In May 1968 students and workers from all over France came together at the Académie des Beaux Arts in Paris in an outcry to defend their rights for freedom and equality in education and employment due to social, economical and political unrest. Within a week the student strike grew to a demonstration gathering over one million people in the streets of Paris, culminating in the occupation of the whole University premises on 14 May 1968. In the next morning an assembly was constituted in which they set out democratically the foundations of their demands, which would also kettle the biggest social revolution in Europe.

Students, artists and workers produced over 300 posters in the course of one month and a half. The posters were screen printed and the occupants of Beaux Arts premises relayed each other day and night. Global changes and new laws keep on shaping our society towards the deprivation of individual and collective rights leading us to the loss of what previous generations fought for in May 1968 (end of free education and health, loss of workers rights etc.).

The idea of the 48 Hour Splash international Residency is to gather eight to ten artists from diverse backgrounds and artistic practises, in order to give voice to our concerns for current and future times. Our ambition is to explore ways to express our views and simultaneously create a visual output in the form of screen prints with the aim to develop a growing on-going artist network platform. The artists shortlisted have combined experience in painting, illustration, print making, poster making, poetry, writing, typography, design and ‘artivism’ (activism and art).

The project is set over 48 hours to explore the collective capacity to create over various times of the day and the output possibilites which can arise from working in short time frame which inevitably will influence the content and process.
The project does not have the pretention to replicate May 68 in any way but is informed and inspired by the ethos, production and creative process, which took place then.

The key elements of the project are:
• the collective making
• creating democratically in a short space of time: 48 hours
• limiting use of print processes due to the short time with a focus on screenprinting

• create a set of at least 8 different screen printed posters
• drafting a manifesto

Following from my first post and visit to Scotland in April I had to:

confirm a place where the project would take place and make sure they would be happy to host the project
set a date for the 48 Hours
finalise all the artists, guests to participate in the residency

In order to confirm a place to set the project, the April visits to Scotland, discovering physically the various spaces and meeting with the people who run the spaces proved essential. I was keen to find a space which had a screen printing facility but also sufficient space for the group to create, rest and be inspired.

DCA, Dundee Contemporary Arts, seemed like the perfect place to set the project. Not only because it had came highly recommended to me but also because they organise and have a clear interest in the exploration of print and protest, the idea of visualising issues we care for.

For example they exhibited Sister Corita’s work in 2008


They have also set a ‘Pop Protest Print’ workshop for children:…


I was asked to send more details about the 48 Hour Splash which I thought I would share with you. The pdf I sent to DCA included the starting point and project outline and a short bio and text on all participants. The attachment I include here only features the confirmed participants and not the original list of suggested participants. You can download the pdf here:


Kevin Lo, a graphic artist I invited to take part in the project published this really nice post. (please note that unfortunately the online participations did not work out in the end)


Hello, I will be in Scotland to visit artists and institutions ahead of the workshop I am organising later this year. I am keen to meet as many people as possible and discover interesting places.

Here are some of the places and people I will be visiting

Generator Projects
Alexandra from
CCA, Glasgow
Trongate 103, print space
and I hope to have time to go to the Whisky Bond and the Glue Factory along the canal side in Glasgow

If you would like to meet or if you have any suggestions please get in touch by email.

I look forward to new collaborations.