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Flying High

To run an aerial harness training programme for professional performers, bridging the gap between dance and aerial, upskilling artists, and leaving a lasting legacy in the physical performance sector.



Bungee Assisted Dance from Wired Aerial Theatre
MacRobert Arts Centre, University of Stirling, FK9 4LA
Saturday 18th January 3.30-7pm, Sunday 19th January 2.30 – 6pm
Cost: £75 for the weekend
Booking in advance by email: or tel: 07989 978598

Wired Aerial Theatre are one of the leading aerial companies in the UK specialising in Bungee Assisted Dance and Vertical Wall. The masterclass will be led by Co-artistic director Wendy Hesketh- Ogilvie. Bungee Assisted Dance involves wearing a hip harness that allows the connection point for the bungee to be at the back of your body, thus allowing you to move and dance around with no restrictions in front of you. The bungee is pulled into tension so it can begin to take your weight when you move around the floor. You get as much out of the bungee as you put in. Large, weighted movements usually result in larger bounces and longer periods of flight although subtle and gentle movements are equally satisfying when focus is drawn to certain parts of the body to instigate rotation, tipping and inversion. We explore a variety of these areas of the technique throughout the masterclass, whilst simultaneously providing the student with a solid understanding of the technique and above all, how to work in the air safely.

To find out what Bungee assisted dance looks like check out this link to a Wired video:


All or Nothing’s Flying High  Masterclasses for Professional Dancers, Physical Performers and Aerialists

Over the coming months we are excited to be bringing harness specialists to Scotland to run workshops and share their skills.

First up in December we have Chantal McCormick and Lee Clayden of Ireland’s foremost aerial company, Fidget Feet at DanceBase in Edinburgh. We have also invited Wired Aerial Theatre from Liverpool and they are at the MacRobert Arts Centre in Stirling for bungee assisted dance, Lindsey Butcher of Gravity & Levity will also be doing wall running and harness skills at Eden Court in Inverness in March. More info will follow.

With more to be confirmed we’re aiming to spread that aerial love.

Full details below, please contact us for bookings and more info on 07989 978598 or All masterclasses must be booked in advance.

Counterweight Harness Flying with Fidget Feet
Saturday 7th 3.30-5pm & Sunday 8th December 1.30-5pm
Studio 3, Dance Base, Grassmarket, Edinburgh EH1 2JU
Cost: £65

This class will be structured around learning basic harness techniques in a side pick up harness. We will be working both close to the ground as well as higher in the air and you will learn about counterweighting – being both flown and the chance to try flying people. No aerial experience necessary – the class is for professional performers, dancers, actors and aerialists. Please wear several snug layers around your hips, legs and waist and bring trainers.

Fidget Feet are a pint-sized aerial circus from Ireland. What does that mean? It means we’re a small company with big ideas. We hang and fly from theatres, cranes, ship masts, castle walls, and pretty much anything else we can think of. We’re happy performing inside or outdoors. We challenge you to find new places for us to bring our trademark playfulness. We like mixing theatre, music, aerial circus, dance and video art. And before you ask, we don’t have any animals, we’re not that kind of circus.
Some of our shows have played to over 80,000 people worldwide including performances at the likes of Glastonbury, the National Arts Festival of South Africa, Fleadh Cheoil, Rose of Tralee, and the World’s Festival of Western Australia to name a few.
And have you ever wanted to fly? Come and learn how. We’ll teach you at our annual Irish Aerial Dance Fest, every June for three weeks in Donegal, Ireland.

Bungee Assisted Dance with Wired Aerial Theatre

Saturday 18th, 3.30-7pm & Sunday 19th January 2014, 2.30-6pm

Main stage, MacRobert Arts Centre, University of Stirling, FK9 4LA

Cost: £75

Wall running and front pick up harness techniques with Lindsey Butcher

Sunday 16th & Monday 17th March 2014 times tbc

Jim Love studio, Eden Court Theatre, Inverness, IV3 5SA

Cost: £75

More info on the January and March workshops to follow soon


Flying High

Taken off, blown away by the success and interest so far in the programme to bridge the gap between dance and aerial with harness skills. We have run taster workshops in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee, and auditioned for the core group of trainees.
Our first masterclass is in Counterweight Flying with Chantal McCormick and Lee Clayden of Fidget Feet on 7th & 8th December and will have more details very soon about how anyone can get involved. Go to for more details.