Hospitalfield Residencies and International Summer School

A Second Year for a new arts programme at Hospitalfield which will include an International Summer School, curated with guest programmer Isla Leaver-Yap, and three residency programmes: Summer, Autumn and Graduate, providing a structured, collegiate environment for research, development and production of new work.


We are pleased to announce that the series of residencies which formed part of the Creative Futures in Germany programme and allowed three artists to spend time developing new work in Leipzig will be an exhibition opening on 13 September 2014 entitled Trusted Time.

Delia Baillie, Valerie Norris, Anna Orton & Ortonandon

13. September – 9. November 2014

HALLE 14 Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst, Project Space

A presentation of new work produced by three Scottish artists during residencies at HALLE 14 over the spring and summer of 2014 and in the months since returning to Scotland.

In Cooperation with Hospitalfield Arts (Arbroath, GB) and funded by British Council Germany and Creative Scotland.

The artists’ works are united in a common concern around form and language and in their conscious circling of the tension between intuitive processes and more knowing cultural references.

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 20.54.52

Delia Baillie presents a series of works on paper which are both a contemporaneous response to Leipzig and a reflective reaction against her painting practice of the last two years.

Continuing an interest in the boundaries between figuration and abstraction, Baillie took as starting point photographs of a major waterfront redevelopment which she regularly cycles through. She was drawn to the temporal conditions of a construction site: new materials stacked and awaiting use alongside rubble pending removal. These constituents of renewal and destruction shared a common context: all placed on builders’ palettes which accidentally unified their form causing them to resemble abstract sculptures on plinths.

The titles for these paintings came from the phonetical instructions in the phrasebook Baillie used while in Leipzig.  She has brought this visual and aural abstraction of language together with the formal vocabularies of building sites to explore the dichotomous borderlands between the concrete and the image.


In Valerie Norris’ work layers of meaning are created through the interplay between painting, objects, form, colour, image and text and in the way that this accumulates to form a visual language.

Norris’ practice is informed by an assemblage of references, found images and objects collected from magazines, charity shops, film, fashion, music, nature, literature and poetry. Non-linear narratives and chance associations are proposed through a process of arrangement and play.

For this new body of work, Norris has used site-specific, acquired materials and found objects as a starting point to look at ideas around colour, language and form. Through referencing a very specific colour palette of 20th century design and alluding to literary structures and forms of notation, her work explores slippages in perception and the tension between reality and imagination.

Anna Orton has a multi-disciplinary practice consisting of painting, sculpture, printmaking, theatre, model making and digital imagery. The autobiographical, explored through wider political and social context, is often at the forefront of her work.

Orton’s individual practice often blurs boundaries with the collaborative practice Ortonandon, an ‘anything goes’ collaboration with her two sisters Katie and Sophie Orton. With the figure as a central motif, the sisters consider body-form in relation to social politics and how identity can be represented through actions and props.

Ortonandon will present a new performance for the September 2014 event at HALLE 14.


Hospitalfield Arts responded to an invitation to collaborate with HALLE 14 because of an aspiration to facilitate significant opportunities for artists from Scotland and especially the DD postcode area where we are located. We wanted to use our existing and newly established international networks, as well as the knowledge gained through running residencies at Hospitalfield, to design opportunities for regional artists which would take them outside Scotland.

Ideally these residencies would foreground the opportunity to focus on a new body of work and increase the artist’s international knowledge and horizons. The time and input from the residency should contribute the additional momentum needed for the next step change in the artist’s practice and provide a highly motivating and productive experience.


Valerie Norris, 2014


Delia Baillie, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 09.58.02

Hospitalfield Arts is delighted to announce the appointment of our 2014 Programme Trainee, Aaron McCarthy, who has started his placement with us this week.

We received many high quality applications for this role and were very impressed by each of the small group whom we invited to come for interview.

The Programme Traineeship is part of our residency programme for 2014 and offers an opportunity for one Trainee to develop their skills and understanding of working within a arts organisation. The focus of the opportunity is on the programming administration and delivery, including working with artists, marketing, installation and interpretation.

Aaron McCarthy has just graduated from an Art, Philosophy, Contemporary Practices degree at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design.

His practice is an evaluation on how we imprint values onto place through historical, physical and linguistic forms.

“My recent work focuses on how we translate values between viewer and artwork with the intention of the work becoming metaphorical for the act of discourse itself, drawing out the subversive qualities of language and object.”

Aaron McCarthy statement, May 2014

You can see images of Aaron’s degree show on his website:


Within his 16 week placement Aaron will be involved with our international summer school (30 June – 2 July), our summer season which includes two new commissions from Claire Barclay working with Janice Parker and Fiona Jardine working with Sue Tompkins (4 – 6 July), our residencies and preparations for future programming.


We are delighted to announce the artists selected for the Autumn Residency Programme 2014:

Aaron Angell - Production Bursary. A partnership with Studio Voltaire, London.

Lucy Clout

Ian Law

Lorna MacIntyre

Scott Massey

Michelle Naismith

Kari Robertson


To read more about the selected artists and this residency please visit our site:


Aaron Angell, From 'From a country widow', 'Guitar Soli', acrylic on clear acrylic, 100 x 150 cm, 2013

Aaron Angell, From ‘From a country widow’, ‘Guitar Soli’, acrylic on clear acrylic, 100 x 150 cm, 2013

We are delighted to announce the artists and writers selected for the Summer Residency Programme 2014:

Giles Bailey 

Letitia Beatriz 

Kathryn Elkin 

Allison Gibbs

Cara Tolmie 

Sarah Rose  

Grace Schwindt

Amelia Bywater and Rebecca Wilcox - Ken Cargill Writers Fellowship

To read more about the selected artists and this residency programme please visit our site:


Allison Gibbs, Wuhn (temporal facts were speculative),16mm film transferred to digital format. 04:55, looped. Silent. 2012

Allison Gibbs, Wuhn (temporal facts were speculative),
16mm film transferred to digital format. 04:55, looped. Silent. 2012

We would like to share information about another Creative Futures project that we are involved in.

Under the Creative Futures in Germany strand we have supported our friends Halle 14 in Leipzig to gain funding for three Scottish artists to undertake residencies at Halle 14 over the next few months.


Hospitalfield Arts works with Halle 14, Leipzig to send 3 Scottish artists to Germany for residencies within the renowned art centre.

Delia Bailie

Valerie Norris

Mick Peter

The project represents a new venture between HALLE 14 – centre for contemporary art in Leipzig, Germany and Hospitalfield Arts in Arbroath, UK. It is supported by the British Council and Creative Scotland as part of the Creative Futures in Germany programme. The three residencies will happen between March and August 2014.

The residencies are a significant opportunity for the artists selected and are designed to have an impact on their longer term connections in Germany as well as on the development of their studio practice.

Over the next few months, Delia Bailie and Valerie Norris will each undertake a two-month residency at HALLE 14 and Mick Peter will stay for one month. The programme will comprise residency within HALLE 14’s bespoke studio and workshop provision; peer to peer learning opportunities arranged with other studio holders at HALLE 14; curatorial mentoring from Hospitalfield Arts and HALLE 14 staff tailored to their specific practice; and introductions to gallerists and curators both through visits to galleries and through curators’ studio visits. During the programme each artist will also present an artists’ talk event and take part in an open studio event at HALLE 14.

More information please visit our website…