Live Music Now at NMS Aug 2012


International Music Lab

Live Music Now International Music Lab is a residential master-class and seminar for participants from up to four European countries who wish to establish Live Music Now in their home countries, based on the highly successful model of Live Music Now in Scotland.


Putting finishing touches to programme for the International Music Lab and looking forward to welcoming LMN colleagues from across Europe to Edinburgh.  Hope this good weather holds.  We’re starting with a get to know each other reception and dinner at the Scottish Arts Club tomorrow.  Apparently a piping class meets there on Wednesdays, so there will be a bit of traditional Scottish culture thrown in for good measure.

Plans now well in place for the first Live Music Now International Music Lab and very excited about welcoming delegates from Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Bulgaria.  The first three countries have recently started Live Music Now, and Bulgaria is very keen to do so.  Really looking forward to meeting them, sharing our Live Music Now Scotland model and learning from each other.  Oh, and hearing some live music!