Rough Mix

Rough Mix is a two-week practical opportunity for artists to work together, try out new ideas and introduce them to an audience. It brings together a small group of practitioners from different disciplines and gives them time to start developing new projects in a supportive and collaborative atmosphere.


Our Creative Futures funded residency Rough Mix is about to start.  We’re going to be spending two weeks from 11th March at Tramway in Glasgow as part of their Rip it Up season.

The artists taking part are:

Janie Nicoll (visual artist),
Linda McLean (playwright),
Bill Thompson (composer),
Kate Temple (visual artist),
Christine Devaney (choreographer/director),
Miguel Rojo (director/writer).

Each of them is coming with a starting point – an idea to investigate or a hunch to explore – and they will spend the two weeks from 11th March working with each other, a group of performers and creative facilitator Nicholas Bone to see where these ideas take them.

The residency ends with a sharing of work at Tramway at 7.30pm on Friday 22nd March.

There is a blog on Magnetic North’s website which you can subscribe to:

We’re currently developing 5 new projects as part of Rough Mix 2012, a Creative Futures residency.  It’s running at Dance Base, 12-16 Grassmarket, Edinburgh and there’s a showing of work at 4.00pm on Friday 16th March.  If you’d like to attend, please email roughmix(at) – places are limited so please respond by midday Thursday 15th March.

Artists taking part are: Lynda Radley, Kate Robertson, Daniel Padden, Ian Spink, Sheila Macdougall, Ros Steen, Jamie Wardrop, Kim Moore and Nicholas Bone.

Here’s the view from the studio window: