Workshops for New and Emerging Scottish Disabled Film Talent

2 day workshops run in collaboration with the Edinburgh Film Festival to locate and inspire a new generation of Scottish Disabled Film Talent. Workshop included introduction to Story, Team Work and the work of the director through Directing Workshops. Introduction to networking and industry immersion through the Edinburgh Film Festival and opportunity to see films at Festival.


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Workshop for New and Emerging Scottish Disabled Film Talent


Delivered for Creative Scotland Creative Futures in partnership with the Edinburgh International Film Festival


25 & 26 th June 2013


Blog from Alex Usborne – 104 films


Tuesday 25th June

Novatel Hotel Edinburgh

We have 25 new and emerging  Scottish disabled film talents arriving for our 2 day workshop. We hope that the workshop will inspire them to get organised and begin the journey of film making.

They are a lively and interested bunch. There’s a big crew from the Solar Bears Theatre Company in Glasgow, a crew from  Projectability, a few from Lung Hau’s theatre company and couple from Art Angel in Dundee. The rest come from here and there and there’s 71 year old proving that there is no age limit on being new and emerging at 104 films.

Our mission at 104 films is to “ make a tectonic difference in the representation of disabled film talent in front of and behind the camera “ and in doing so we’ve begun to develop a new voice in UK cinema which is original, passionate and different.

We begin with an introduction to some important principles – the story, working in a team, and understanding how a director works.

Then we meet a Director – Louis Paxton who has just graduated from the National Film School and shows us some of his work and gives a sense of how he made it. His films are great and very, very funny. Then we meet David Proud – he’s an actor, a writer and a producer and was the first disabled actor to appear in East Enders. He’s brilliant.

We break for lunch and then we have two directing workshops all afternoon. One with Louis, and one run by Billy Mager who is the UK’s leading deaf film director.

We all go down to the Traverse bar to hang out with the Film Industry and learn how to network. We meet big cheeses from Creative Scotland and chat to producers and directors.

Our first day ends with a film. We go and see ACAB All Cats are Brilliant which is a Greek film and gives us all a sense of what it’s like now to live in Greece. Then its back to the Tune Hotel to work on our projects.


Wednesday 26th June

We are off to the cinema in the morning and we see either Of Men and Snails, a weird but very funny Romanian film or For Those in Peril, a brilliant new Scottish film.

Back to the Traverse for lunch and then we see a an Industry session where the young directors of Channel 4’s Coming Up talk about making their first films for telly and how they got into the industry. It’s really inspiring and really informative about how they began making films and got their big break. Then we do a final de – brief and our workshop is over.

Here at 104 films we have loved running this workshop. We’ve been really impressed with some of the young talent and really want to make some short films with them. That’s what we do at 104 films, find new talent through our workshops and work with them, making films, doing more training and development and finally developing more ambitious films with them.

On the train back to Sheffield, where we live, we look at the evaluation forms.

It’s clear that they loved the workshop with 96 % of them calling it excellent.

We are especially pleased with the comments about Billy Magers workshop


“ Billy’s workshop was inspiring, as was the fact that he was deaf. “


“ An amazing experience.”


“ A fantastic way to get your creative juices flowing.”



And it was clear that we had inspired them to start making their films and that they wanted more training and workshops like this.


“ I am now developing my own script and we are going to develop it together.”


“Because of this workshop we are going to enter a 90 second film challenge. ”




Blog from Alex Usborne – 104 films