Tapestry trail…

Sep.24 2015

Posted by Dovecot Studios and Australian Tapestry Workshop International Exchange

This weekend Milena had the opportunity to immerse herself further in Scottish history during her visit to Stirling Castle. She visited the Queen’s Inner Hall of the Palace which houses “The Hunt of the Unicorn”, a set of 7 tapestries showing a group of noblemen and hunters in their pursuit of a unicorn. The tapestries were commissioned especially for Stirling Castle by Historic Scotland as part of a larger project to restore the Palace of James V to how it might have looked in the 1540s. The project began in 2001 and took 14 years and 18 weavers to complete, using techniques dating back to the 1400s – the same techniques employed by Dovecot today to work with contemporary artists. The team included Rudi Richardson, EmmaJo Webster and Louise Trotter who are now weavers at Dovecot Studios.


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